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APAC tour Day 3 or 4

Well here it is now the 11th, it’s still the 10th for some.  But either way I’m in Singapore now and this is the first day of work I’ve done.  Monday was spent recovering from the long voyage as well as doing some sight seeing.  Not planned but definitely enjoyed.

So possibly of interest though who knows, I don’t think anyone is even reading this.  I am just writing to write at this point.  A few of the places on my list of must see places has been marked off:


Marina Bay Sands

Only a few more left for Singapore overall, but might be adding more to my list based on what my coworkers are telling me.  End of my diatribe for the 11th.

p.s.  They were amazing to see…

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The journey continues

For those of you wanting to know about the current state of affairs here’s an update for all on the many things going on for us.

  1. Son sees a counselor once a week
  2. He has been switched off of Concerta over to Clonidine (makes him very sleepy).
  3. He has swim lessons with the YMCA  – 4 sessions for now.
  4. The Camaro is currently inoperable so we are down to only one car.
  5. Husband’s employer has lent him a company car for the time being until we figure out a backup plan.
  6. Potentially buying a beater soon.
  7. Work life for me has gotten very busy with trips both domestic and potentially international. – Singapore and maybe Brazil-
  8. I have been tasked with restructuring my team so we are high output and performance is high.
  9. Additionally, son’s counselor wants me to think about which thing we want to work on first and has top priority.
  10. Starting the process of getting my son on Medicaid probably through Katie Beckett program – it’s arduous.

That being said, I have a splitting headache right now and am having a hard time winding down.  It’s only Wednesday and I’m beat between the many appointments I’ve had to run off to and many flights to and fro.  The need to decompress is high and no chance of that coming anytime soon.  Would love a week off so I could at least collect my thoughts and regroup.  That being said I really can’t complain about the state of affairs.  Son is enrolled for 7th grade with Connections Academy and is ever so excited about his fashion camp in July.  Probably seems like mindless dribble currently but there will come a time where I look back on this with reverence.

Enjoy it while it lasts?

Work rants

Indecisive customers

So today I’m going to touch on something that has been extremely annoying for about the past 2 weeks.  My customer who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent and so I don’t get fired has a customer of their own that we provide logistics services for on a fairly regular basis.  I will call my customer’s customer Loki for the sheer chaos they tend to cause.  Now Loki is all over the world and has many locations that freight can be delivered to.  The one that we most often provide logistics services to is in the Southeast of the United States (I’m purposefully being ambiguous). And what started about 2 weeks ago (week right before Memorial Day) there was much buzz about a rather substantial size of freight that would be getting released from one of their Asia origins (again ambiguous).  No big deal we can handle this.  The 23rd was supposed to be the big release date, and since Asia is many time zones ahead of me I started seeing buzz on the release the evening of the 22nd my time.  To put it plainly, the orders weren’t there.  This caused mass confusion on my main contact for my customer’s part as he had been told quite explicitly days previously that he needed to have us prepared for this release.

So my Asia origin team is concerned because they’ve already booked space for multiple carriers to get this freight from point A to point B and meet the delivery date that has been requested.  Well since the orders weren’t there, the freight wasn’t released.  Instead of doing a drop-ship to Loki wherein the customs clearance and delivery location are specific to that company.  Instead my customer decided instead of losing the space with the airlines they would be the importer of record and store the freight at the branch while they waited for Loki to make up their mind.  It is now the 2nd of June and they still have not made up their minds.

So the freight (all 125 skids) departed from Asia and made it to the US and has been stored at the warehouse as instructed.  About mid-week this week (while we were still waiting for some of the freight to arrive), I received a call saying that Loki might be dropping orders soon and that it would be complex as they were taking the freight that had already departed Asia and was in transit and then immediately re-exporting it to the Netherlands.  So now we went through this arduous process of identifying pallet IDs with each shipment and identifying which ones would get delivered locally and which ones would go on an I.E. (immediate export) to the Netherlands.  The orders were supposed to drop this past Thursday, June 1st.  They didn’t.

It is now June 2nd and Loki has still not made up their mind which causes mass confusion for my team as well as frustration for myself as I’d like to see these just come to an end already.  I commend my readers that have made it this far, freight stories are not exactly exciting.  I’m more just venting/ranting about the nonsense that is this freight.  We now have orders that we are to wait for this coming Monday the 5th to see if Loki has made up their f***ing mind already on where this freight is going or what…My guess is that won’t have budged any closer to getting this freight delivered.  I apologize for the dry story but I’m positive I’m not the only one that gets extremely frustrated with wishy washy customers and their lack of decision making skills.