A little validation

I know it’s been awhile and I keep promising that I will be better about keeping up with these posts.  But I keep not doing that.  Life keeps getting ahead of me and my level of the emotional energy needed to compile my thoughts.  So really I’ll start with today and the validation that I was given.  I don’t think she realizes it, but it really did mean a lot to me.  I told “someone” about an experience from my teenage life.  A very specific event because I remember the details vividly.  In the end, this “someone” told me that I need to write out these experiences with all I’ve been through.

This is exactly how I’ve felt and part of the reason why I do these.  Part of it is the mental mind rant of just letting my brain go and say what it wants to say.  Other parts are of course the element that people can respond and reply to these posts so I’m not just talking to myself.  Heaven knows I do that enough as is.  I’m not entirely sure if I should tell the story that did affect this “someone” so much that they were brought to tears listening at the end.  I don’t aim to make people cry or get angry.  To feel anything by listening to my stories is one of the best responses an author of any sort can feel.  This is of course my opinion alone on emotional response to personal historical narrative.  This “someone’s” response to my story is what brought me here today to tell this.  That little bit of validation that comes from another source other than ourselves.

So thank you to that “someone” whether they know it or not on their influence.  If I do post the story, it will not be on this thread.


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