The journey continues

For those of you wanting to know about the current state of affairs here’s an update for all on the many things going on for us.

  1. Son sees a counselor once a week
  2. He has been switched off of Concerta over to Clonidine (makes him very sleepy).
  3. He has swim lessons with the YMCA  – 4 sessions for now.
  4. The Camaro is currently inoperable so we are down to only one car.
  5. Husband’s employer has lent him a company car for the time being until we figure out a backup plan.
  6. Potentially buying a beater soon.
  7. Work life for me has gotten very busy with trips both domestic and potentially international. – Singapore and maybe Brazil-
  8. I have been tasked with restructuring my team so we are high output and performance is high.
  9. Additionally, son’s counselor wants me to think about which thing we want to work on first and has top priority.
  10. Starting the process of getting my son on Medicaid probably through Katie Beckett program – it’s arduous.

That being said, I have a splitting headache right now and am having a hard time winding down.  It’s only Wednesday and I’m beat between the many appointments I’ve had to run off to and many flights to and fro.  The need to decompress is high and no chance of that coming anytime soon.  Would love a week off so I could at least collect my thoughts and regroup.  That being said I really can’t complain about the state of affairs.  Son is enrolled for 7th grade with Connections Academy and is ever so excited about his fashion camp in July.  Probably seems like mindless dribble currently but there will come a time where I look back on this with reverence.

Enjoy it while it lasts?

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