Turning 35 – a reflection

Yesterday was my birthday, and well today I’m feeling it.  To be fair yesterday was a very busy day for me, especially for a birthday.  I’m not typically this active on my birthday.  It tends to be dinner and a movie, case closed.  This year we added on going to a water park.  Which is not my typical go to, mainly because I’m a chicken shit when it comes to any kind of ride.  Taking me to the fair is pretty much a waste of money.  This year was different though.  I had my son along with me as well as some family friends.  Chalk it up to peer pressure and the fact that I didn’t want my son to be afraid like I am.  So I managed to muster up the courage to go down some of the bigger water slides.  Mind you screaming a good portion of the way.  After the first one my adrenaline was already up, so courage was no longer a problem.  Off I went on more slides.  And for those actually reading this, yes, I scream like a girl.  Either way it felt like a success for me as the last time I went to this water park I spent most of my time on the “Lazy River”.  Knowing what I know now, I will probably visit it more often because I know what to expect.  There are definitely bigger slides that I didn’t go down yet.  It’s gonna take a bit more courage to even think about going down those.  After a few hours, we called it a day as our feet were torn up from walking a bunch.  Mainly from trying to find my son, cause he disappeared for a bit (insert a panicky mom here).  Regardless, he was found and we spent more time before our feet finally told us it was time to go.  Today, I have spent laying in bed recovering from yesterday as my muscles and definitely my feet are super pissed.  Netflix and crochet kind of day for me.  

After the water park, we grabbed some dinner at a local Italian eatery and then went and saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  Love my Johnny Depp.  
Some thoughts though on turning 35 in comparison to the decade before.  At age 25, I was married to my now ex-husband.  I had a 2 year old son that was not developing correctly.  I, of course, being a brand new mom had no idea what to do.  So I looked to doctors for help on the anomalies with my son.  Life was very much so different a decade ago.  All for the better.  The marriage I am in now is leagues above and beyond where I was before.  Perhaps I will make a post soon on the ex to explain more on that part of my past.  My son is now completely and very verbal, a decade previously he was motioning for most of the things he wanted and saying only a few words.  Work life was big time different, at that time I was working 2 jobs.  One full time and one part time (still barely made ends meet).  Now I only work one full-time salary position that has definitely opened my eyes to a life I was missing.  My current job can be extremely stressful, but also very rewarding. Balancing the two is still a science I haven’t perfected.  The relationship with my parents is still not what it should be, but it is better than it has been in recent years.  I owe it mainly to the return of my son for the cease fire on hostilities.  There are major things though in our turbulent path that I need to find a way to forgive them for.  Especially since they don’t see themselves as needing forgiveness.  If you have made it this far into my post, know this I do not see myself as an entitled millennial as some people would call it.  I have worked extremely hard for my life and to get to the point I am at now.  My only wish is to better myself and my understanding of the world as it exists and I must exist with it.  I often bite my tongue and do not post or reply to things online as I’d rather not get into heated debates.  There are better things in life than proving that the person on the other side of the screen is wrong.  

I am very passionate about a few things and I will not list them because I don’t care to be goaded into an argument.  Those who know me well, know what they are.  They also know not to piss me off about them.  Some do anyways..

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