Methylphenidate day 1

So a bit about me, I am 34 almost 35 and am starting a journey that has been long suspected but only recently confirmed for me. For those that need to know the label, it’s ADD. Now with that being said I went this long in my life without being diagnosed. I had always wondered about it and at one time in my young life (7 or 8) my mother tried to get me diagnosed as well. Keep in mind this was the 80’s things are much different now compared to back then (I sound so ancient). Either way I got my prescription of Methylphenidate filled today, 18 mg once a day for now. Now I need to note here, that my son (12 year old) takes this as well for his ADHD, but it’s at 27 mg. For my son, it has the adverse affect of diminishing his appetite. I am not sure what to expect for myself as of right now. If anything. So that’s why I’m here to chronicle the experiences I have as I go through these changes if any. Notate side effects, pros and cons etc. I have a follow up visit with my GP in a month to see how this is working thus far. I also take 100 mg of sertraline everyday as well. Not sure if there will be any adverse affects with that. I know a current side effect I have of the sertraline is RLS (restless leg syndrome) that drives me quite crazy. Thankfully I have a some mildly effective remedies that eventually get me to sleep at night. I’m not sure what all my readers will want to read about me, if anything. I will take it day by day with this blog and see if there’s anymore substance that needs to be added. I’m sure some of my readers will be personal friends or family that already know a good deal of my story. There’s a lot to it. Maybe someday.

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